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Performance action by Matheus Rocha Pitta integrates group exhibition

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Sopa de Pedra” [“Stone Soup”] is based on a popular tale of a hungry stranger who is denied food upon arriving in a city and when he manages to eat, he shares his meal with the city inhabitants. The performance action by Matheus Rocha Pitta integrates the group exhibition “to see what is coming”, mixing in science fiction in order to explore through art our relationship to the future, either activating the past or even debating the present.

Nominated artist interview | Zezão

José Augusto Amaro Capela, also known as Zezão, began his quest to conquer the underworld with graffiti in São Paulo in the 90s.
In this video he answers a question by critic-curator Renata Azambuja: “Do you work alone or collectively?”
The artist explains how his route through art led him increasingly further collective work, but at the same time, being a self-taught artist, he believes the street was his university and his personal experiences determined his trajectory.
Watch the video.

Artist talk with Laercio Redondo on his project “Lembrança de Brasília”

(Berlin, Germany) Laercio Redondo’s project “Lembrança de Brasília” [“Memory from Brasília”] is based on the historical work of Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão in relation to modernism, the construction of Brasília in the late 1950s and the city today. It reflects upon an important artist in the recent history of Brazil and discusses modernist architecture and its utopias as a means of transforming Brazilian society.

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