Beto Shwafaty presents video-installation “Remediações” in São Paulo

(São Paulo, Brazil)

As part of the Project Season 2014, promoted by Paço das Artes, artist Beto Shwafaty presents the installation “Remediações” [“Remediations”], on view since 7th July.

Remediations is the result of an exploration regarding how certain dynamics and notions of a national project have been transposed to other supports of communication in the fields of visual culture and spatial politics. The project addresses the multi-faceted relationships between territorial planning, economics, architecture, ideology, history and progress as they integrate issues related to modernism and colonialism.

By exploring the connections between nature, culture, and politics, the project draws attention to the ideological uses of visuality, progress and communications through a variety of instances of power, in specific periods and places.

“Remediações” [“Remediations”], by Beto Shwafaty
On view through 7th September

Paço das Artes
Av. da Universidade, 1
Cidade Universitária
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