“Casa ArteFoto”, art event featuring André Santangelo, Luciana Paiva and Yana Tamayo

(Brasília, Brazil)

Over four days, the Shopping CasaPark holds “Casa ArteFoto”, an event to promote the sale of new artistic production from Brasília. Among the participants are André Santangelo and Yana Tamayo.

From the 28th to the 31st August, the shopping mall CasaPark welcomes the first edition of “Casa ArteFoto”, an event at the mall’s central square that gathers the most recent art production from renowned and new artists. Curated by Dani Estrella, Kazuo Okubo and Patrícia Lima, the Brasília public can learn more and purchase the works of 30 artists, ranging frm painting, engravings and fine art photographs. The event also includes lectures with visual arts specialists and good music, with discos on weekends.

“Casa ArteFoto” is the result of a partnership between the fine art photography gallery A Casa da Luz Vermelha (The Red Light House, in free translation) and Mercado ArteFoto, sponsored by CasaPark and Correio Braziliense newspaper. Apart from commercializing local artistic production, the event aims at widening the informantion offer on visual arts and contributing to a positive image of Brasília as a bold, creative place.

“‘Casa ArteFoto’ is the artist’s friend and represents another link in the productive industrial chain of Brasília which, even though it is in formation, already has great exponents. With so, the event encourages the local artistic production and formation of its public”, says Patrícia Lira, one of the curators.

Featured artists: Alexandre Perotto, Anderson Schneider, André Santangelo , Anelise Molina, Armando Salmito, Arthur Monteiro, Beto Barata, Bruno Stuckert, Camillo Righini, Cecilia Bona, Celso Junior, Clarice Gonçalves, Claudio Mattos, Cristina Carvalheira, Cristiano Carvalho, Débora Amorim, Derik Sorato, Diana Rangel, Diego Bresani, Dorival Moreira, Florence Gaston, Gregorio Soares, Hannah Gopa, Hermano luz, Ildeu Borges, Isabela Lyrio, Isadora Dalle, João Paulo Barbosa, Jorge Diehl, Juan Pratiginestos, Kazuo Okubo, Luciana Paiva, Marcelo Feijó, Márcio Borsoi, Monique Renne, Moises Crivelaro, Nina Orthof, Olivier Boëls, Patrick Grosner, Paulo Lacerda, Ricardo Labastier, Rinaldo Morelli, Samanta Canovas, Sergio Jorge, Usha Velasco, Vitor Schietti, Yana Tamayo, Zuleika De Souza

“Casa ArteFoto”, with André Santangelo, Luciana Paiva and Yana Tamayo
From 28th to 31st August
Free admission

Shopping CasaPark
Sgcv, 22 – Guará
T.: 61 34035300

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