Denise Gadelha, Luiz Roque and Rommulo Conceição take part in group show “Outro Museu”

(Pelotas, Brazil)

After being displayed in Caxias do Sul, the group exhibition “Outro Museu” [“Another Museum”], curated by André Venzon, is on view at the Museu de Arte Leopoldo Gotuzzo, in Pelotas. The exhibition takes place from 7th August to 4th October and includes pieces by Denise Gadelha, Luiz Roque e Rommulo Conceição, among several others.

Basically, the curatorship feels that what artists and collectors donate to the Museum are memorable presents for the history of art. The exhibition presents these donations, from artists as well as collectors, that made their passion for art public.

The exhibition is motivated by the exceptional aspect of the new acquisitions and aims to promote the access to the collection, making it closer to the public. That way, the Museum carries on promoting the display of its collection in different institutional spaces and through different curatorial perspectives, increasingly promoting contemporary art.

Artists: Almir Mavigner, Bruno Borne, Camila Schenkel, Carla Barth, Carlos Dias, Carlos Tenius, Cláudia Barbisan, Danúbio Gonçalves, Denise Gadelha, Elaine Tedesco, Élida Tessler, Evenir Cormerlato, Félix Bressan, Luiz Antonio Felid, Gerson Reichert, Glaucis de Morais, Hélio Fervenza, Iberê Camargo, Isabel Ramil, Jorge Menna Barreto, Leda Catunda, Lissandro Stalivieri, Luiz Roque, Maria Tomaselli, Mariana Xavier, Marina Camargo, Mario Rohnelt, Nara Amélia, Nelson Rosa, Nelson Wilbert, Otto Sulzbach, Patrício Farias, Paulo Gomes, Rafael Pagatini, Regina Silveira, Richard John, Rommulo Conceição, Sandro Ka, Sergio Lopes, Siron Franco, Sol Casal, Tadao Ando, Talita Hoffmann, Tereza Poester, Túlio Pinto, Ubiratã Braga, Vera Chaves Barcellos, Walmor Corrêa

“Outro Museu”, with Denise Gadelha, Luiz Roque and Rommulo Conceição
On view through 4th October

Museu de Arte Leopoldo Gotuzzo
Rua General Osório, 725 – Centro
Pelotas, RS

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