Exclusive interview with Diego de Santos

Diego de Santos lives and works between Caucaia and Fortaleza, Ceará state (Northeastern Brazil), holds a degree in Fine Arts and has been presenting his works since 2005.

In this video made exclusively for PIPA, he speaks of his relationship to photography and other languages such as installation, video and objects.

Santos also answers a question by critic and curator Renata Azambuja: “Do you work alone or collectively?”, by saying that during the first nine years of his career his work was planned in a very lonely way, but for the last year he began a research process for a work where for the first time he assembled a team to help in the research, field work and execution.

The project, entitled “Lar é onde ele está” [“Home is where he is”], consists in investigating the concept of home in the everyday life of truck drivers, and started from the observation of a supermarket parking lot near his house.

Watch the video:

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