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The Espaço Cultural Contemporâneo (ECCO) presents the show “A-PLAY”, third stage of the [ENTRE ARTISTAS] project, curated by Christus Nóbrega. There are artworks by eight artists and two collectives: Carla Zaccagnini, Corpo Informáticos, Fernando Franciosi, Juan Parada, Laura Lima, Marília Bergamo, Moleculagem, Nelson Leirner, Rafael Godoy and Yuri Firmeza.

The exhibitions raises a discussion on the political, aesthetic dimensions of games in contemporaneity through artworks of renowned and emerging artists alike. Humour, irony, cruelty, playfulness, (dis)advantage, rules and (in)discipline are some of the concepts addressed. The show gathers a variety of mediums going from photography, collage, sculpture to performance, videoart and electronic art for tablet devices.

With several interactive works, visitors are invited to manipulate and interact with the pieces, joining the games proposed by the artists themselves. It is one great game everyone can participate in. It has three rules: 1. There are no rules. 2. Rule no.1 can only be fulfilled when every participant (or just one) does not know any rules of any other game. 3. The winner is the one who casts the first stone.

“A-PLAY.[ENTRE ARTISTAS]III”, with Carla Zaccagnini, Laura Lima and Yuri Firmeza
Curated by Christus Nóbrega
Visiting through 24th August

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