Last days | “Corpos d’água”, solo exhibition by Erica Ferrari

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Pivô holds Erica Ferrari‘s project “Corpos d’Água” [“Bodies of water”], supported by the Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, through a ProAC announcement. The exhibition is a result of a research made by Erica in Pivô between June and July.

The exhibition discusses, from central São Paulo’s structural landscape, the everyday lives of its inhabitants. The artist’s idea is to explor in her work the condition of the city’s rivers, so important for the metropolitan growth, but also victims of radical interventions over the years. “Corpos d’água” is formed by one great piece, which can be dismantled into smaller ones.

The title of the work indicates a characteristic that can be viewed as symbolic of São Paulo’s structural situation: the condition of its rivers. Fundamental to the foundation of the original village and decisive in the growth of the city that it would become, these rivers have undergone drastic alterations, just like the urban network that surrounds them. Starting from this initial theme, to consider this landscape in which we live is to ponder São Paulo’s historical and political complexity.

Erica’s study is focused on the city’s central region, investigating mainly the area’s architecture and its ramifications in the lives of its inhabitants. The artist begins her project in the Pivô Research setting, a platform for the development of projects and artistic experimentation associated with Pivô. This project’s apex takes the form of a solo exhibition.

“Corpos d’Água”, solo exhibition by Erica Ferrari
On view through 30th August

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Avenida Ipiranga, 200
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