Last days | “Dialogues with Palatnik”, with Paulo Nenflídio and Rodrigo Andrade

(São Paulo, Brazil)

In order to deepen the knowledge in Abraham Palatnik’s oeuvre, the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo invited curator Felipe Scovino to carry out an exhibition with the museum collection that related to the retrospective “Abraham Palatnik – A Reinvenção da Pintura” [Reinvention of Painting]. Thus is born group exhibition “Diálogos com Palatnik” [Dialogues with Palatnik], presented from 2nd July to 15th August, at the Paulo Figueiredo Room.

With 39 works by 26 different artists, the show walks through two different paths that are typical of the artist: the capability of amplifying properties on painting – and also on constructive art – and using crafts in a way of creating a particular meaning about what the inventor’s idea is in visual arts.

“Palatnik says everything he does is painting. In three-dimension objects it is light, colour and movement that interest him. Crafts are also present, as a reflection on how the painting symbol can be identified beyond paint on canvas by adding nails, string, stickers, fabrics, tapestry and other objects,” explains Scovino. “The way Palatnik creates his pieces, which involves homemade electronic systems – being screws and electric motors as complement to paintbrushes -, transmits the idea of the inventor and manufacture in him,” adds the curator.

The exhibition has a cluster of inventors, folloing a methodology similar to that of Palatnik. We can highlight the collective Chelpa Ferro and artists Guto Lacaz, Marcelo Silveira and Paulo Nenflidio, which trajectories that are not directly related to the constructive trends and do not carry geometric symbols on the works either, but rather articulate manufacture, technical refinement and an integration with technology, as well as considering a relationship with the studio, varying from resemblance to a workshop or a all-purpose place in which meticulous data is predominant in manual production.

“In this manner, the exhibition presents a property that transmits to painting an amplified characteristic, confusing itself to sculpture, design, object and every other media. It is this inventive characteristic that always interested Palatnik and that directly or indirectly can be seen in the works of these artists”, concludes Felipe Scovino.

Participating artists: Alcindo Moreira Filho, Alfredo Volpi, Aluísio Carvão, Chelpa Ferro, Emmanuel Nassar, Fernando Velloso, Geraldo de Barros, Guto Lacaz, Jac Leirner, José Leonilson, José Damasceno, José Spaniol, Kosuke Iwata, Leda Catunda, Marcelo Silveira, Mary Vieira, Mônica Nador & Renato Imbroisi, Nelson Leirner, Norberto Nicola, Paulo Nenflidio, Paulo Roberto Leal, Raymundo Colares, Rodrigo Andrade, Sergio Camargo and Willys de Castro

“Dialogues with Palatnik”, with Paulo Nenflídio and Rodrigo Andrade
Curated by Felipe Scovino
On view through 15th August

MAM-SP – Sala Paulo Figueiredo
Parque do Ibirapuera (av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/nº – Portão 3)
Opening hours: Tues-Sun, 10am-5.30pm (visitors allowed in until 6pm)
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