Nominated artist interview | Zezão

José Augusto Amaro Capela, also known as Zezão, began his quest to conquer the underworld with graffiti in São Paulo in the 90s.

In this video he answers a question by critic-curator Renata Azambuja: “Do you work alone or collectively?”

The artist explains how his route through art led him increasingly further collective work, but at the same time, being a self-taught artist, he believes the street was his university and his personal experiences determined his trajectory.

Currently having graffiti as just one of his work components, Zezão says he is not solely focused in documenting his works but also looks for specific places to paint where an intersting photograph can be taken, where “work talks with architecture”, for instance.

Watch the video:

To learn more about Zezão, his career and images of his works, access his artist page.

PIPA Videos

Since PIPA’s first edition in 2010, we hire Matrioska Filmes to execute video-interviews with the nominated artists. In 2014, PIPA still bets on this resource.

Like Luiz Camillo Osorio (MAM-Rio curator and Prize Board member) mentions in the text“Hunger for files”, originally published on 7th June 2013: “ If the prize aims to recognize and distinguish, the building of a contemporary memory looked for an amplified analysis of the circuit.”


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