On view | “Vostok”, solo exhibition by Letícia Ramos

(São Paulo, Brazil)

After returning from an artistic residency in the North Pole, artist Letícia Ramos was surprised with the news of a Russian scientific base named Vostok, in Antarctica, that removed samples from a subglacial lake 4km under the ice, “time capsules” of the time when the continent began to froze.

VOSTOK-teaser from Leticia Ramos on Vimeo.

Based on this real data, Letícia created a fictional narrative in which she, like an explorer, removes samples out of a lake which was recreated in the glacial conditions. The “Vostok” project, including a 16mm film and a book, is on view at Mendes Wood gallery. The film score was recorded live, along with the setting, in an open performance.

Adapted from the original words by Michel Zózimo:
What we see in “Vostok”, by Letícia Ramos, tells us a bit of history of an element of a complex net of evidences and documents that verify the existence of a place we have not yet met. The ground of pre-historical waters is, thus, captured by the submarine the artist built, recalling soviet explorations. Manipulating image tools, Letícia can extract from the infra-mince the most sensitive part of the noticeable.

It is uncertain whether these machines really existed, but their images show us faith is not merely a beliefs system based on the impossible. It goes further, where science meets trick and magic faces cinema. There are invisible lines in these fields, that separate them and simultaneously bring them closer together. If we demand proofs from theories and scientific postulates, the illustration for these metafiction will be found in documental register and practical experience.

For those doubting the Terra Oca treaty, simply visit the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia to find the model of this world, a 19th century project by J. Cleves Symmes. Or simply observe “Aquário”, built by Letícia Ramos. These two constructs are other ways of exemplifying theories that do not need proof, like cinema, literature or even history. Therefore, there will be no doubts about experiments that invent the world inside itself, be it filled with air or taken over by water.

“Vostok”, solo exhibition by Letícia Ramos
On view through 27th August

Galeria Mendes Wood DM
Rua da Consolação, 3358
seg-sab 10-19h
+55 11 3081 1735

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