Pampulha Fellowship Programme exhibition, curated by Agnaldo Farias

(Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

The Pampulha Museum of Art presents a group show with artworks by the ten artists awarded with the Pampulha Fellowship Programme 2013/2014. The works evidence the research processes developed by the grantees since September 2013 in Belo Horizonte.

The exhibition occupies various spaces in the Museum: hall, mezzanine, multipurpose room and external area. The artworks vary in languages, from drawing and painting to installation, videos and urban interventions. “This exhibition shows the result of the experience enabled by the programme, whose residents not only created works of art, but also widened their knowledge, living in the state capital, establishing a constant dialogue to the city and its culture”, says the Museum manager Michelle Mafra.

During their residency period in Belo Horizonte, the grantees developed works of research, creation and artwork production, advised by a commission consisting of Architecture professor, critic and curator Agnaldo Farias, artist, Fine Arts professor and researcher Elisa Campos, cultural manager, researcher and curator Marta Ruiz and critic and curator Ricardo Resende.

Awarded artists: Alan Fontes, Fernanda Rappa, Flávia Bertinato, Frederico Filippi, Márcio Diegues, Pierre Fonseca, Ricardo Burgarelli, Ricardo Reis, Sara Não Tem Nome, Tatiana Devos Gentile

Pampulha Fellowship Programme Exhibition 2013/2014
Curated by Agnaldo Farias, Elisa Campos, Marta Ruiz and Ricardo Resende
On view through 26th October
Free admission

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