PIPA ONLINE 2014 2nd round | Vote from 3 to 10 August

The first round of votes for PIPA Online 2014 ended on the 27th July at midnight, having last a week.

Second round goes from the 3rd to 10th August.
On the first round eight artists received the 500 necessary votes to go on to the next stage, and the count was reset.
Now, the artist with most votes on the second round wins PIPA Popular Vote Online and receives a R$5,000 prize.
The PIPA Online winner on the other hand will be decided by a jury, out of the five most voted artists on the second round. The winner will receive a prize in the sum of 10,000 reais as well as a two-month residency program at Sacatar Institute, in Bahia.

See who are the eight artists who made it to the second round:

    Arthur Scovino
    Daniel Escobar
    Diego de Santos
    Fernando Mendonça
    Pablo Ferretti
    Paulo Nimer Pjota
    Ronald Duarte
    The voting in the second round happens the same way in first round. You just have to go to the artist page clicking on the links above, and click “like” in the “vote box”at each page. 

    If you still have doubts click here.

  • Diego de Santos

    was in the first place on the first round, with 594 votes. Born in Caucaia, in the northeast state of Ceará, he currently works between his hometown and the state capital, Fortaleza.

  • A first-time PIPA nominee, he is graduated in Fine Arts through IFCE and exhibits since 2005.
    He was recently awarded at the Mato Grosso do Sul Arts Salon (2013 edition) and was also awarded at the 8th SESC Amapá Arts Salon, in 2010. He has participated in art fair such as SP-Arte, ARTRIO and Artigo.

    Since 2013 he is developing a research project and production called “Lar é onde ele está” [“Home is where he is”], at Porto Iracema das Artes, Escola de Formação e Criação do Ceará. The project is to investigate the concept of home in the truckers’ daily lives.

    • PIPA Online – The winner is selected by a Jury among the five most voted artists on the 2nd round of PIPA Online voting. He receives R$10,000 plus a two month artist residency program at Sacatar Foundation, at Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil.
    • PIPA Popular Vote Online-The winner is the most voted artist on the 2nd round of PIPA Online voting and receives R$5,000.
  • Toz

    Toz is a graffiti artist who comes from Salvador, Bahia, but currently lives in Rio. This is his first nomination to the Prize and he got 574 votes on the first round of PIPA Online.
    The children’s games, folk festivals, cartoons and comic books were forever on the boy Toz’s memory and came with him to Rio de Janeiro. At age 15, he already accumulated knowledge of art, because he accompanied his mother in the painting classes and enjoyed making their own designs using various materials. His father, who worked in advertising, always encouraged his advances in the field of scribbles. Toz then, moved by financial needs, decided to study design and start a career. When he started knowing deeper the Graffiti, a passion has occurred upon it.

    – Master’s in Visual Languages (EBA/UFRJ), Ronald Duarte got 567 votes on the first round.
    On the past 20 years he participated in great exhibitions and cultural events in Brazil and abroad, and lately he has been carrying out actions and happenings in contemporary art.

    Duarte works specifically with urban urgency, that which needs to be done, said, exhibited, viewed “here and now”. In 2004 he performed “NIMBO/OXALÁ” with 20 fire extinguishers and twenty artists, all wearing white, activating the extinguishers simultaneously forming a great cloud similar to an atomic mushroom, involving the artists and disappearing in the sky.

    Pablo Ferretti headed the first round for most of the voting period however ended in fourth with 548, only 46 points below the first place.

    Born in Porto Alegre but now living in Rio, Ferretti uses figuration, abstracttion and some portrait and landscape elements in his works. In his research in painting, he deals with issues of accumulation and suspension and ideas of control and impermanence. He holds a degree in Painting from University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and a masters degree in Painting at the Royal College of Art, London (2006-2008).

    Paulo Nimer Pjota finished the first round of PIPA Online with 547 votes.

    Pjota comes from São José do Rio Preto, but now lives in São Paulo. His pieces bring a selection of images, colors, symbols and supports that dialogue with emerging sociocultural principles, searching in narrow walls for the relationships between culture and survival, and how it applies in the aesthetic and in the life of these places.

    Among his solo exhibitions are “Sistema Relacional”, part of Paço das Artes project season, in São Paulo, a solo at his representative gallery Mendes Wood in São Paulo and the 1st exhibition program show at Centro Cultural, São Paulo.

    Daniel Escobar got 544 votes on the first round.

    Questions related to publicity and visual communications devices present in the urban scenes are part of the Daniel Escobar´s artistic repertoire. In the context of his work, elements such as posters and billboard signs, pamphlets, maps and travel guides, painted signs, banners or light signs, articulate themselves generating a group of possible representations for the urban landscape, thinking not only about what they might express about the physical conditions of those spaces, but also the eloquent way in which they reveal a landscape driven by desires and inhabited by consumption dreams.

    Nominated for the first time this year, Escobar is from Santo Ângelo, RS, but lives and works in Porto Alegre.

    Arthur Scovino got 535 votes on the first round.

    Born in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, Arthur Scovino moved to Salvador, Bahia, in 2008 to study at the School of Fine Arts of Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Since then he works on artistic research about the environment, culture and social affective relations in Bahia, especially in Salvador.

    Scovino works with performance, installation, photography, video and drawing. He investigates aesthetics and contemporary artistic thinking through performative and relational actions. He participated in Performance art shows, solo and group exhibitions, and in 2013, received the award from the Visual Arts Salon of Bahia. His recent works talk about symbols of religion and Brazilian miscegenation.

    Fernando Mendonça was born in São Bento de Bacurituba, Maranhão state, but lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Got 527 votes on the first round, being the eighth artist to go on to the next stage.

    According to Ferreira Gullar, “Fernando Mendonça is one of those unquestionable vocations, someone who was born to be a plastic artist. At the current stage embarked in the field of woodcuts which is, by definition, art of artisan indeed, and, in the modern era, with Expressionism, became the pursuit for what is most genuine in a artist. ”

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