“Transperformance 3 – Strange Body” | Festival combines performances, videos and debates

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

In times of affection towards productive efficiency of managers, entrepreneurs and target plans, “Transperformance 3 – Corpo Estranho” [“Transperformace 3 – Strange Body”] presents a set of works that questions this culture of efficiency, in which healthy bodies live with botox injections.

There are performances that rethink relationships of gender, the work productiveness relationships that always aim at efficiency and language as communication, exploring its opposites: the flexible, plastic zone, between man and woman; useless work, that does not produce concrete results but instead allows us to think about the meaning of work, production of riches and consuming; the relationship of language to poetry and to poetic action. The festival includes video screenings and a series of meetings with artists and philosophy, performance and dance theorists, debating the central lines of this line of thinking. Performances will also take place in public places, such as at Largo do Machado square.

Live performances: Cabelo, Maurício Ianês, Coco Fusco, Rodolpho Parigi, Lourival Cuquinha
Documentations and video-performances: Guilherme Peters, Rodrigo Cass, Daniel Santiago, Gelitin, AVAF, Ana Mendieta, Nadia Granados, Cao Guimarães, Pina Bausch, Bas Jan Ader, Tunga, Marcia X, Lourival Cuquinha, Francis Alÿs, Virgínia de Medeiros

“Transperformance 3 – Corpo Estranho”, with Cao Guimarães, Lourival Cuquinha, Maurício Ianês, Rodolpho Parigi and Virgínia de Medeiros
From 7th to 10th August

Oi Futuro Flamengo
Rua Dois de Dezembro, 63 – Flamengo
Floors 2, 4 and 5 and screenings on Floor 8
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 8pm
Free admission

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