Daily Archives: September 3, 2014

Opening | “Agricultura da Imagem”, solo show by Rodrigo Braga

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Agricultura da Imagem” [“Agriculture of Image”] gathers photographs, videos and objects produced by Braga over the past five years. Works carried out in three Brazilian states with different cultures and environments connected o the artist’s life story; Amazonas, where he was born, Pernambuco, where he was raised and Rio de Janeiro, where he currently lives.

Last days | “Conscientia”, group exhibition featuring Pablo Ferretti

(London, United Kingdom) Despite significant differences in the history and economic development of its countries, Latin America displays a marked cultural cohesion. The distinguishing quality of its peoples and artistic output is a passionate expressiveness, which can be seen as an indivisible trinity of joy, melancholy and drama. This energy has attracted global attention to Latin American art and is set to further broaden its influence.

Opening | “Costume”, solo show by Daniel Lannes

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) With “Costume”, Daniel Lannes returns to and further develops a kind of procedure similar to that used in the 2007 Safe Sex series. The creative process of the group of works we show here, like that of the previous series, is based on the creation of paintings with intense formal appreciation,presenting unusual scenes that tell stories of the perversion of norms. While previous works looked to Albert Eckhout, it is now the smears of color of John Singer Sargent and EdouardManetthat form the basis of the painting technique.

Opening | “A Nova Promessa”, solo show by Daniel Escobar

(São Paulo, Brazil) Curated by Daniela Labra, “A Nova Promessa” [“The New Promise”] is a parody of the commercial mecanisms that flood people’s minds with deceiving guarantees of excellence, sophistication and immediate happiness. The show follows Escobar’s exhibition in Porto Alegre, which started with an investigation about the real estate advertising strategies for purchase and sale of consumer desires.

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