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Paulo Nimer Pjota | Interviewed artist

In this exclusive video-interview, Paulo Nimer Pjota replies to the question “In general, in your activity, how does a new project start?” by critic and curator Alejandra Muñoz.
Pjota says his works usually start from some conflict he interests in or has personally experienced. An example of this is the work he is currently developing, named “Art crimes, landscapes”.
Watch the video.

Opening | “Geografias da Criação”, show with Camila Sposati and Rommulo Conceição

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) “The challenge in organising an exhibition with this scale, to discuss comteporary themes and their relations, is set through the group of works from the museum, another institutions and guest artists from three different fields. Their relationships in the museum space create streams, as each of these fields have their own properties, however there is an opportunity for getting closer, intertwined or even contaminated, establishing common ground”, says the curator.

Opening | “O Interno Exterior”, exhibition curated by Daniel Rangel

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Arnaldo Antunes presents in his solo exhibition “O Interno Exterior” [“Internal Exterior”], a collection of photographs taken since the 1990s of loose letters, words and sentences in different urban spaces. The pictures are animated in stop motion, thus creating different plots, expressing an internal vocabulary connected to the external world.

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