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Artsy names 10 trending artists under 35 in the contemporary art scene

The list, elaborated from data collected in the ArtRio preview (Rio contemporary art fair that ended last Sunday), has six Brazilian artists. The article points out the fact that “many are recipients and nominees of the PIPA Prize and have been participants in the São Paulo Biennial – touted as stars of the next generation – and so far, all are holding up their ends”. Indeed the six Brazilian artists mentioned have been nominated at least once for the Prize, being three finalists and one winner of the main category. In the first place is Thiago Rocha Pitta, a 2012 finalist, recently added to the gallery Marianne Boesky in New York. In tenth place is Camila Soato, the PIPA Prize Popular Vote winner in 2013. Also cited are the São Paulo-based artists Chiara Banfi, Sofia Borges and Tatiana Blass, as well as Daniel Escobar, among others. Read the full article.

PIPA Catalogues | Free download

Download the PIPA catalogues and get an extract of Brazilian contemporary art of the past five years. So far 17,052 downloads were made. The catalogues are not for sale, but PDF versios are made available for free here on the website. The publications are an extension of the website, bringing images of the nominated artists works, information about their careers, pictures of the Prize exhibitions, words by the MAM-Rio president and curator, the IP Capital Partners representatives and the IP Institute, statistics like gender and age of each edition’s participants, etc.

Watch this week’s video interviews

This week we released four video interviews, with Mayana Redin, Sofia Borges, Thiago Martins de Melo and Yana Tamayo.
Mayana tells us about her creative process, where she answers a question proposed by Alejandra Muñoz: “In general, in your activity, how does a new art project start?” She explains that her projects are often involved in research and theoretical interests that end up generating practical concerns.
Sofia, who works mostly with photography, says her creative process stems from a question rather than a dialogue or discussion: “I really like that ‘problem’ idea. No matter the variable, there is an equation, a sentence, a relationship between elements.”
Thiago, one of this year’s finalists, tells us about a series of three-dimension works that he will present soon. “I want to eliminate part of this separation between sculpture and painting. Painting and oil are also interesting to me as if they were some flesh withing the 3D space.”
Yana says that, being born and raised in Brasília, the country capital, architecture is for her a simultaneously familiar and strange theme, and even when it is not present, architecture has a very exciting dialogue, “as something that should be in space, that should exist”.
Watch the videos.

Schedule | 20th to 26th September

“Grilagem”, by Vanderlei Lopes can be visited at MAM-Rio. Also in Rio, Daniel Lannes’ solo show “Costume” is on view at Luciana Caravello gallery, while in São Paulo the group exhibition “Almost a figure, Almost a shape” is also open for the public. Henrique Oliveira displays a massive sculpture adapted to the exhibition space in Paris, while Otavio Schipper is on view in Berlin with a brand new installation.
Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

This week at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, RJ) The New Acquisitions of the MAM-Rio collection are currently on view, as part of the Museum’s schedule. It is an opportunity for the public to perceive the exuberance and diversity of the Museum artworks. The PIPA Prize finalists exhibition is on its second week, featuring recent and brand new works by Alice Miceli, Daniel Steegmann-Mangrané, Thiago Martins de Melo and Wagner Malta Tavares. At the Museum Cinematheque, the public has the rare opportunity of seeing films that are absent in the commercial circuits in the “New Look to African Cinema” programme, with productions from South Africa, Congo, Senegal and other African nations. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

Vancouver Biennale features installations by contemporary Brazilian artists

(Vancouver, Canada) Transforming the historic space into a community hub, the International Pavilion exhibits installations from Brazil’s most significant emerging artists, such as the collective Filé de Peixe, Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima, João Loureiro, Marcelo Moscheta, Mariana Manhães and Raul Mourão. The Pavilion serves as a gateway to showcase the Brazilian contemporary art scene with all its richness of contemporary thinking, universality and innovation in its creative processes.

On view | “Dust Never Sleeps”, solo exhibition by Cinthia Marcelle

(Vienna, Austria) For her installation, Cinthia Marcelle transforms the exhibition space into a seemingly abandoned space in which everything—the floor, walls, and ceiling, the windows, doors, and light fixtures—is thoroughly covered in black soot. Brighter contours stand out; variations in the density of the accumulated material generate a sort of drawing in space, not unlike a photographic negative.

“Salon Distingué”, with Erika Verzutti, questions the definitions of furniture and artworks

(Baden, Switzerland) The exhibition reinforces the impression conveyed on touring the villa where the museum works. It is a place that invites the production of scenarios and stories; it is a stage — but without the actors to bring the setting to life. The exhibition strikingly demonstrates who the real protagonists are today, namely the household effects and the art — and they are hardly at a loss for stories to tell. Artists on view include Gerard Byrne, Diango Hernández and Kathrin Sonntag.

Opening | “Insustentável Paraíso”, solo show by André Komatsu

(São Paulo, Brazil) The show lends continuity to his recent research that resorts to errors, accidents and conflicts as a basis for presenting possible alternatives to systems widely inserted in contemporaneity. It includes the piece “Esquadria Disciplinar 2” and series “(Re)forma Real” and “Falha Estrutural”. In the opening day the artist will also be launching his book, with words and editing by Jacopo Crivelli.

Video-interview | Yana Tamayo

Yana Tamayo works predominantly with photography, video and drawing and has been regularly participating in exhibitions since 2003.
The artist replies to a question by critic and curator Alejandra Muñoz: “How do you choose the predominant themes in your work?”
Yana says that, being born and raised in Brasília, the country capital, architecture is for her a simultaneously familiar and strange theme, and even when it is not present, architecture has a very exciting dialogue, “”as something that should be in space, that should exist”.
Watch the video.

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