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Last days | “Ruins Project”, solo show by Yuri Firmeza

(São Paulo, Brazil) Aiming to produce an encounter between various time strata, Yuri Firmeza leaves two questions in the air: What are we producing in terms of ruins – in the name of progress and of idyllic, utopian cities – in the time to come? Has the present become disjointed for the sake of a future?

Last days | “Baitogogo”, installation by Henrique Oliveira

(Paris, France) By using materials like plywood, Oliveira highlights the endemic and parasitic nature of these constructions; evoking wooden tumors, his installations function as a metaphor for the favelas’ organic growth, thus revealing the dynamic decay of São Paulo’s urban fabric. In the artistic lineage of Lydia Clark or Hélio Oiticica, he uses the very context of this sprawling city as a raw material.

Over 100 artists featured in exhibition at a historical São Paulo spot

(São Paulo, Brazil) Visitors will have the unique opportunity of seeing an exhibition gathering the works of over a hundred artists from different nationalities, half of them from Brazil. Still carrying the marks of time and negligence, the old buildings will be occupied by the lively energy of contemporary art. Most artworks were specifically made for the Hospital and will have the ethereal existence of 35 days.

Waleska Reuter in exclusive video-interview

Waleska Reuter’s art blends knowledge which flows through the fields of anatomy, psychology, sexuality, politics, and sociology, elements that work as an amalgam to build impacting sculptures. These beings, which come from a peculiar personal imaginary, come to life in terms of bodies, at the same time absent and present. In this video, she answers a question by Cadu: “Where does life start and where does art end?”
“I try to make a connection between what I feel it is like to be a person, to act as a person, and enter the other which is not only a spectator but a human being. To me this is the encounter of life and art – how I see it, so my work gains my soul, and the way you see it, which also goes into my work”.
Watch the video.

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