Exclusive interview with Felipe Prando

Felipe Prando is from a small city in the Southern state of Paraná, but is currently living in the state capital. He carries out exhibitions since 2005 and has been featured in several Brazilian cities as well as in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and Belgium.

He replies curator Daniela Labra’s question: “What is the main shortage that you observe in the field of Brazilian contemporary art?”

Prando weighs in that in Brazil there is not a proper contemporary art medium, but rather multiple contexts of what one can call a contemporary art medium. “This is the starting point to develop my work.”

Felipe Prando mentions an aspect that sparks his curiosity, related to his research,”a precarious art system”. He exemplifies this scarceness with a house in Curitiba that was turned into museum and that its exhibition spaces were transformed in “white cubes” by artists and by the very institution.

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