Opening | “A Nova Promessa”, solo show by Daniel Escobar

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Zipper Galeria presents “A Nova Promessa” [“The New Promise”], solo exhibition by artist Daniel Escobar. Curated by Daniela Labra, the show is a parody of the commercial mecanisms that flood people’s minds with deceiving guarantees of excellence, sophistication and immediate happiness.

“A Nova Promessa” follows Escobar’s show “Seu Lugar é aqui, Seu Momento é Agora” [“Your Place is Here, Your Moment is Now”], presented by the artist in June 2014 in Porto Alegre. The exhibition started with an investigation about the real estate advertising strategies for purchase and sale of consumer desires. The central piece was the work “Anuncie Aqui” [“Advertise Here”], a life-size billboard installed inside the exhibition space, actually available for adverts through a contract between with the artist.

In “A Nova Promessa”, a new advertising space will be installated to discuss the subdivision of the urban environment, the purpose of galleries in a time when culture is merchandised, and the fetish of the world art scene for young artists that are presented by curators and art dealers as new promises for conceptual and aesthetic renovation.

“A Nova Promessa”, solo show by Daniel Escobar
Curated by Daniela Labra
Opening: 3rd September, from 7pm to 10pm
On view through 4th October

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