Opening | “Agricultura da Imagem”, solo show by Rodrigo Braga

(São Paulo, Brazil)

“Agricultura da Imagem” [“Agriculture of Image”] gathers photographs, videos and objects produced by the artist Rodrigo Braga over the past five years. Works carried out in three Brazilian states with different cultures and environments connected o the artist’s life story; Amazonas, where he was born, Pernambuco, where he was raised and Rio de Janeiro, where he currently lives.

“The construction of image is a process that is constantly present in Rodrigo’s oeuvre, who seems to always be on the search for images that already exist in his mind, in an eternal imagetic déjà vu”, points out the curator Daniel Rangel.

The artist was born in the northern state of Amazonas in 1976, moved to Pernambuco at age two and lives in Rio since 2011. The movement between these three states and the experience with different ecosystems and cultures resulted in the material of the new exhibition with 30 photographs, three videos and objects found in his field investigations.

Son of biologists, the artist has a peculiar creating method: he launches himself in the most hostile local nature looking for sceneries and elements to compose his photos and videos. This solitary immersion usually lasts a month when Braga, like a good farmer, “fertilises” the landscapes with elements he finds along his way, like leaves, rocks and flowers, and other things bought in local markets and fairs, like animal carcasses.

“My photos are fictional, completely produced”, explains Braga. “I explore the region to find inspiration and make drawings in my notebook that will eventually become the final piece”. These drafts are also present in the show, in a sort of studio, where visitors can see how the artist’s creative process works.

As well as photographs and this studio, three videos also highlight the creating process of the images. According to Rangel, Braga’s relationship with nature is even deeper in his audiovisual production. “Through his performances he searches for a direct dialogue between man and nature”.
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“Agricultura da Imagem”, solo show by Rodrigo Braga
Curated by Daniel Rangel
Opening: 3rd September, from 8pm to 10pm
On view through 30th November
Visiting: Tues-Sat, 10am-9pm; Sundays and holidays, 10am-7.30pm

Sesc Belenzinho
Rua Padre Adelino, 1000
T.: 11 20769700

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