Opening | “Quando cai o céu”, solo show by Ivan Grilo

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Curated by Bernardo Mosqueira, “Quando cai o céu” [“When the sky falls”] is the most recent solo show by artist Ivan Grilo, on view at Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP). The exhibition, product of the artist’s award through the PROAC Artes Visuais 2013 announcement, presents 13 artwork sets, among them photographs and installations. Grilo did an extensive research of the CCSP files, where he found thorough registries carried out by Mário de Andrade in 1938, when he was director of the Culture Department of the São Paulo city.

While popular demonstrations were endangered by the increasing urbanization in Brazil, the technology progress at the time enabled these cultural aspects to be captured through photo, audio and film. This was the matter that led Andrade, one of Brazil’s finest writers, to carry out a “folk research mission”, an expedition that sought to map out the origins of Brazilian popular culture. With a change in the city government, the expedition ended in the northeast state of Pernambuco, never getting to Bahia, a culturally rich state.

More interested in what was not registered by Mário de Andrade’s team, Ivan Grilo and Bernardo Mosqueira embarked a fieldwork in search for grants to fulfill the exhibition. In “Quando cai o céu”, Grilo aims at blending in the influences of the past African cultures during his trip to Bahia to the traditional model of work he always used in his productions.

“Quando cai do céu”, solo show by Ivan Grilo
Opening: 20th September, 3pm
On view through 7th December
Visiting: Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 8pm; Weekends and holidays, from 10am to 6pm
Free admission

Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP)
Flávio de Carvalho floor
Rua Vergueiro 1000 
Paraíso São Paulo – SP

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