PIPA Catalogues | Free download

Every year we elaborate the PIPA catalogue, a space for all the artists nominated at each edition where finalists are highlighted, with a larger amount of pages dedicated to them. The catalogues are not for sale, but PDF versions can be downloaded for free here on the website.

We are often contacted by art school and university teachers across the country and abroad, asking for a copy to be mailed, since it is seen as a thorough source of contemporary Brazilian art, for the last five years. The same happens with foreign and Brazilian art-related professionals who use the catalogue as a research supply.

The complete catalogues are made available here on the website for free. So far 17,052 downloads have been registered. The 2010 catalogue alone was downloaded more than 9,700 times.

The publications are an extension of the website, bringing images of the nominated artists works, information about their careers, pictures of the Prize exhibitions, words by the MAM-Rio president and curator, the IP Capital Partners representatives and the IP Institute, statistics like gender and age of each edition’s participants, etc. In 2012 the catalogue had part of its content translated to English and since 2013 the catalogue is entirely bilingual.

Soon the PIPA 2014 catalogue will be made available.

Meanwhile, download catalogues from the previous editions:

PIPA 2013

– 100% bilingual
– 5.70 Mb
– 155 pages
– artworks by 97 nominated artists
– 4 finalists features
– 2012 winners section

Click here to download: PIPA 2013 Catalogue

PIPA 2012

– presentation and extras in Portuguese and English
– 5.10 Mb
– 76 pages
– artworks by 48 nominated artists
– 4 finalists features
– 2011 winners section

Click here to download: PIPA 2012 Catalogue

PIPA 2011

– 8.52 Mb
– 65 pages
– artworks by 73 nominated artists
– 4 finalists features
– 2010 winners section

Click here to download: PIPA 2011 Catalogue

PIPA 2010

– 4.9 Mb
– 63 pages
– artworks by 84 nominated artists
– 4 finalists features

Click here to download: PIPA 2010 Catalogue

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