Solo exhibitions by Vânia Mignone and Henrique Olivera on view

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The MAC USP opens this Saturday the 26th two solo shows: “Transarquitetônica” [“Transarchitectural”], by Henrique Oliveira, and “Cenários”[“Sceneries’] by Vânia Mignone.

About “Cenários”:
Through 58 selected works, the exhibition is not concerned with chronology, but emphasizes two important aspects of Vânia Mignone‘s practice: the creation of a unique repertoire of themes and elements and the passage from small sized etching and collage to large scale paintings.

Graduated in advertising and contemporary dance, Vânia Mignone chose visual arts at UNICAMP, with a xylograph artwork under Marco Buti’s orientation. Her first appearances in São Paulo exhibitions happened in the mid 1990s, in which she presented delicate sets of uncommon scenes made on tissue paper and collages. But it was a time when painting stood out more and Vânia was not left out.

For her, painting is a prolongation of drawings, prints and collages, often combining all these medias. In her work, she emphasises the rawness and precariousness of the materials by working with MDF boards and setting up her compositions like pieces in a chessboard. In this media, she has created a repertoire of objects, scenes, characters “that seem to have been taken from adverts, movie scenes or the circus that however inhabit another world of words unsaid, interrumpted episodes, like little enigmas”, points out Ana Magalhães, exhibition curator.

About “Transarquitetônica”:
Henrique Oliveira proposes a poetic discussion on the history of architecture, from the past decades rationalism to the shelters and caves of the past, overcoming the challenge that is to occupy the 1600 squared metres of the building with Oscar Niemeyer-inspired escultures.

Meandering the series of columns drawn by the architect, Henrique Oliveira‘s “Transarquitetônica” is not set as a crossing space, but as a place, a course with multiple possibilities that finishes where it started. It is an architecture artwork that combines sculputre and painting, offering various stimuli that are taken in by the visitors.

For the exhibition curator, Tadeu Chiarelli, “‘Transarquitetônica’ recovers the narrative dimension seen in some (few) of the artist’s past works and, in a proportion that aims epicness, reproposes a fusion between the most varied artistic medias.”

Solo shows “Cenários” and “Transarquitetônica”, by Vânia Mignone and Henrique Oliveira
On view until 30th November
Visiting: Tuesdays from 10am to 9pm, Wednesdays to Sundays 10am to 6pm

Avenida Pedro Álvares Cabral, 1301
São Paulo
T: +55 11 2648.0254
Free admission

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