Video-interview | Yana Tamayo

Yana Tamayo works predominantly with photography, video and drawing and has been regularly participating in exhibitions since 2003.

The artist replies to a question by critic and curator Alejandra Muñoz: “How do you choose the predominant themes in your work?”

Yana says that, being born and raised in Brasília, the country capital, architecture is for her a simultaneously familiar and strange theme, and even when it is not present, architecture has a very exciting dialogue, “”as something that should be in space, that should exist”.

She also tells us about photographs taken for a university project that were rejected at the time and recently rediscovered in boxes marked “no” and “absolutely not”. “It made me so curious, I had to understand why I had rejected those images and try to rearrange how I saw this work.”

Watch the video:

For more information, biography, exhibition history and images of Yana Tamayo’s artworks, access her artist page.

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Since PIPA’s first edition in 2010, we hire Matrioska Filmes to carry out video-interviews with the nominated artists. Coming now to its fifth edition, the Prize goes on with believing in the importance of video that are yearly produced by Matrioska, exclusively for PIPA.
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As MAM-Rio curator and Prize counselor Luis Camillo Osorio points out, in the text “Hunger for files”: If the prize aims to recognize and distinguish, the building of a contemporary memory looked for an amplified analysis of the circuit.


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