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Last days | “Litomorfose”, solo show by Cristiano Lenhardt

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Litomorfose” [“Lithomorphosis”] is a series of three photographs in which the artist appears wearing clothes sculpted from paper. Photocopied based on cross-sections of stones from a book on archaeology, these papers also cover the photograph’s background, thus producing a double effect of camouflaging the clothes and revealing digitally distorted parts of the body. As well as this series, Lenhardt presents sculptures and an installation.

Opening | “Arte Pará” selects Dirnei Prates and Henrique César

(Belém, Brazil) After looking through over 660 files, the judges Paulo Herkenhoff, Eder Chiodetto, Armando Queiroz and Ernani Chaves chose 20 artists from different areas in Brazil for the exhibition. After being selected, the artist must participate throughout the educative process, which includes seminars and talks with mediators and the public. The top three artists as well as the prize will be revealed today.

Opening | Solo exhibitions by Christian Vinck and Mariana Maurício at Galeria Leme

(São Paulo, Brazil) In “ALBUM No. 3 / pintura S U D A K A “, Vinck dismantles and revisits certain preconceived ideas of what we think about the folk painting of our continent, playing with the rules of composition and offering a personal and historical review of its configuration. Mariana Maurício on the other hand, works with the re-signification of imagistic memories through the interference over collected photographs. She presents a new body of work, composed by photographic installations and assemblages.

Group show “Figura Humana” opens this week

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Camila Soato, Daniel Lannes, Danielle Carcav, Fábio Baroli, Marcelo Amorim, Rodrigo Bivar, Rodrigo Cunha, Thiago Martins de Melo and Vânia Mignone are some of the artists featured in the group exhibition, which opens today. Although their techniques cover painting, drawing and sculpture, the artists focus mainly on the human body as object of study.

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