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Rafael RG holds solo exhibition curated by Marta Mestre

(São Paulo, Brazil) Rafael RG has unexecuted or unfinished projects as starting point, making the cycle that starts with an idea and ends with a work of art flexible. Photographs, installations and site-specific works are on view in “Ps: Há alguma coisa que você espera de mim?” [“Is there something you expect from me?”]. The curator explains, “his work has a forcefulness that is poetic and politic all at once”.

Camila Sposati and Rommulo Conceição in group show about art, fashion and design

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) “The challenge in organising an exhibition with this scale, to discuss comteporary themes and their relations, is set through the group of works from the museum, another institutions and guest artists from three different fields. Their relationships in the museum space create streams, as each of these fields have their own properties, however there is an opportunity for getting closer, intertwined or even contaminated, establishing common ground”, says the curator about the show “Geografias da Criação”.

Erika Verzutti participates in group show about the role of furniture and artworks in the home

(Baden, Switzerland) “Salon Distingué – Household effects in good company” is set in a 20th century villa, now a museum. The exhibition space reflects the needs, values and tastes of a social class whose social standing and identity were closely allied with acquiring and living with works of art and precious cultural artefacts. The domestic character of the Museum has inspired inquiry into the way in which furnishings become art and art furnishings in an upper-class residence.

Ivan Grilo presents artworks inspired by Brazilian popular culture

(São Paulo, Brazil) While popular demonstrations were endangered by the increasing urbanization in Brazil, the technology progress at the time enabled these cultural aspects to be captured through photo, audio and film. This was the matter that led Mário de Andrade, one of Brazil’s finest writers, to carry out a “folk research mission”, an expedition that sought to map out the origins of Brazilian popular culture. With a change in the city government, the expedition ended in the northeast state of Pernambuco, never getting to Bahia, a culturally rich state.

Opening | “Dez ao Cubo”, group show with Julio Leite and Marco Antonio Portela

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) The newest meeting of artists integrating the “Dez ao Cubo” group brings for the first time guests that incorporated the concept by questioning the creative originality by appropriating the regular hexahedral commonly known as the cube. Similar to every great movement, the artists meeting came from the controversy about who was the first to “think” of a cube? And what seemed a mere dialectics question, ended up finding people claiming to be “heirs” to the cube. But jokes apart, the reivindication of something so present in the human DNA seems so unlikely that it propelled ten artists in joining the cause through infinite possibilities of examining, externalising and expliciting the cubic configuration.

Opening | ” HA-gaz-AH “, new series by Gê Orthof

(Brasília, Brazil) “HA-gaz-AH” is the brand new work by artist Gê Orthof. The series, comprising objects, drawings, a map and an installation, raise questions on the relationships stemming from oppression and lack of dialogue. “On one hand we have a match, on the other ignition and at the centre, the explosive” says Gê Orthof, who sees in oppression the lack of conversation and thus the increase in tension between neighbours and borders.

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