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Last days | “Insustentável Paraíso”, solo show by André Komatsu

(São Paulo, Brazil) In the series “(Re)forma Real” [photo], consisting of groups of old postcards, Komatsu interferes on the image of old and theoretically solid buildings, adding structural elements to them that point to the failure of the ideals that these buildings represent. The solo show also includes the series “Falha Estrutural”. The solo show also includes “Esquadria Disciplinar 2”, which employs a set of rules taken from logical systems such as mathematics, architecture and geometry, aiming to reveal the ambivalence of these systems and to question their effectiveness.

Renato Pera articulates ideas on the absence of limits with installation

(São Paulo) “O Muro” [“The Wall”] was designed to evoke an urban, architectural memory, though the bricks used in the installation carry an enigmatic content: over one of the their sides the words “o infinito” [“the infinite”] were written, to articulate ideas on the absence of limitations. If the wall’s point is to seal, impose limits to a space, the wording suggests the opposite situation. It is a subtle, disguised message, but exhaustively repeated as a kind of imaginative whisper.

Rodrigo Braga presents photographs, videos and objects in “Agricultura da Imagem”

(São Paulo, Brazil) Son of biologists, the artist has a peculiar creating method: he launches himself in the most hostile local nature looking for sceneries and elements to compose his photos and videos. This solitary immersion usually lasts a month when Braga, like a good farmer, “fertilises” the landscapes with elements he finds along his way, like leaves, rocks and flowers, and other things bought in local markets and fairs, like animal carcasses.

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