Daily Archives: October 23, 2014

Opening | “Studio Butterfly and other fables”, solo show by Virginia de Medeiros

(São Paulo, Brazil) Virginia de Medeiros’ oeuvre is composed of fables. It is made of stories created to discuss people and things that matter to her and move her. The oldest of the three fables in this exhibition is entitled “Studio Butterfly”, the outcome of a lasting relationship between the artist and several transvestites in Salvador, near her city of birth where she lived during the crucial time in life where one’s ties with the world are established.

Last days | “Animattack”, solo show by Bruno Vilela

(Recife, Brazil) The exhibition title is a word formed by other two: Anima and Attack. The artist was inspired by the term Anima, proposed by Carl Jung, who sees it as a sort of goddess, a metaphor for this spirit that represents the male unconscious. Through this perspective, the figures of Mother Goddess, sorcerers, witches and saints, present in hundred civilizations for ages, in several religions.

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