Next week | “Shangai em São Paulo in Shangai”, solo show by Carla Zaccagnini

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Carla Zaccagnini presents from today an installation and a series of 13 photographs in the solo show “Shangai em São Paulo in Shangai”, held at Galeria Vermelho. During the opening the publication “Carla Zaccagnini: the Madman sees what he sees” will be released.

When she was asked by curator Adriano Pedrosa to create an artwork for the pavilion dedicated to the city of São Paulo, at the 9th Shanghai Biennial in 2012, Carla Zaccagnini did not know that in São Paulo and four other neighbouring towns there were four streets using the Chinese city names with different spellings (in Portuguese, Xangai and Shangai).

“Shangai em São Paulo in Shangai” reproduces in regular scale the whole asphalted area of Rua Shangai, in the São Paulo Penha neighbourhood, that is exactly 5m wide and 35m ling. In order to do so, Carla used frottage, a technique which depends on a tangible reference to create a documental image, a proof that street exists. The resulting drawing, however, is abstract, due to the uniform aspect of the asphalt surface. In addition to the installation, a set of thirteen photographs by Carla, in the different “Xangai” streets of broad São Paulo, is also presented.

As Teresa Riccardi says, in an article for the book “Carla Zaccagnini: the Madman sees what he sees”, Carla “acts, compares, describes and places the viewer in the field of narrative and device, offering an experience that enables ways of inhabiting time and memory, decolonising our look from commonness.

“Shangai em São Paulo in Shangai”, mostra individual de Carla Zaccagnini
Opening: Tuesday, 4th November
On view through 6th December
Visiting: Tues-Fri, 10am-7pm; Saturdays, 11am-5pm

Galeria Vermelho
Rua Minas Gerais, 350 – 01244-010
T.: 55 11 31381520

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