On view | “En Silencio II”, installation by Sandra Cinto

(A Coruña, Spain)

“En Silencio II” is a site-specific installation by Sandra Cinto, in which the artist recreates an office, a place where the worker is absent but nonetheless is evoked by the hardship and the emptiness of the creative process. The piece consists of a cello, place over a pile of books, which was placed over a table.

Both elements, overtaken by a mountain of unfinished music sheets, suggest the suffering of an artist’s repetitive efforte, evoking some sort of involuntary Sisyphus who cannot get over the sacrifice he imposed on himself.

As in most of Sandra’s works, drawing acts as connecting thread of the proposal, entwining the delicate lines running through the wood that shapes the counterbass with the pentagrams drawn over the music sheets, piled up on the floor of the exhibition space, and with large-scale ones overing the walls. The colour neutrality of the installation, as well as the motionless aspect impregnating the representation of a creative notion, motivate strangeness feelings on the viewer, making them forget space-time references and thus contributing to the dreamlike, surreal atmosphere of the artwork.

“En Silencio II”, installation by Sandra Cinto
On view through 12th December

Fundación Luis Seoane
San Francisco, 27
15001 A Coruña
T 981 21 60 15
F 981 21 63 79

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