Opening | “Dez ao Cubo”, group show with Julio Leite and Marco Antonio Portela

(Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Tonight from 8pm, at gallery Arte&Fato opens the exhibitoin “Dez ao Cubo” [“Ten Squared”], gathering 15 Rio artists and 10 represented by the gallery, such as Julio Leite and Marco Antonio Portela. The main theme is manifesting the cube through various artworks.

About the show (words by Osvaldo Carvalho):
The newest meeting of artists integrating the “Dez ao Cubo” group brings for the first time guests that incorporated the concept by questioning the creative originality by appropriating the regular hexahedral commonly known as the cube. Similar to every great movement, the artists meeting came from the controversy about who was the first to “think” of a cube? And what seemed a mere dialectics question, ended up finding people claiming to be “heirs” to the cube. But jokes apart, the reivindication of something so present in the human DNA seems so unlikely that it propelled ten artists in joining the cause through infinite possibilities of examining, externalising and expliciting the cubic configuration.

These questions echo with the show that, more than searching for theories, challenges them, more than creating concepts made them obsolete. Yes, the demystifying project developed by the group went beyond the mere look of a resistance occupation, it was the reaction itself against contemporary mentality passivity that thinks itself proprietor of an unique, classic perspective.

Displacing the discussion axis to the tedious, trivial that is there in art nowadays was the great insight the artists had. Searching in the cube the basis for new art investigations apparently leads to a trap, as the presented artworks point out with nothing to hide, always reminding us of their historical origins, and in fact, intending on making the viewer feel part of the creative process.

In its third show this year, with more exhibitions abroad schedule for 2015, “Dez ao Cubo” presents itself together with another artists, adding without distinction, understanding the multiple faces of their ideas, the urgency of abandoning the visual commonness, of reconciling the frail to our needs.

“Dez ao Cubo”, group show with Júlio Leite and Marco Antonio Portela
Opening: 18th October, from 8pm to 10pm
Visiting through 14th November

Galeria Arte&Fato
Protásio Alves, 1853
T.: 51 33339044

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