Opening | “Do Rio e para é to Rio and from”, solo show by Rodrigo Matheus

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

After four years without an exhibition in Brazil, Rodrigo Matheus holds “Do Rio e para é to Rio and from”, his third solo show at Gallery Silvia Cintra + Box4. The artist presents a brand new series of sculpture-installations and collages made during a time in Rio de Janeiro, after spending the last years abroad.

The works develop a building up from postcards sent from Rio to Europe through the 20th century, found by the artist in European second-hand markets. The cards are brought back to their origin place, combined with postcards sent from Europe and found in Rio nowadays, in the 21st century.

This micro narrative is the backdrop for sculptures and installations repeating in the gallery interior what is commonly observed in Rio: the relationship between vegetation and architecture. The modernist vocabulary of the golden years constructions and the iron bars that surrounded them years later. The vigorous business in Central Rio that corresponds to the city’s agenda: carnival, christmas, new year. The monkey that survives between what has been civilised and what never will be. The game of permission and prohibition mediated by the beaches.

“Do Rio e para é to Rio and from” discusses the ambiguity of the Brazilian modernization process from the imaginary projected by Rio: gateway to the country and natural monument; former Portuguese Empire capital, former capital of Brazil, tourist destination and today target of an urban retrofit seeking to establish in its historical centre a globalized island surrounded by a tropical landscape that is contrary to domestication.

“Do Rio e para é to Rio and from”, solo show by Rodrigo Matheus
Opening: 30th October, from 7pm to 10pm
On view through 6th December
Visiting: Monday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm; Saturdays from noon to 6pm

Galeria Silvia Cintra + Box4
Rua das Acácias, 104 – Gávea
T.: 55 21 25210426

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