Opening | Rodrigo Andrade presents two brand new painting series in solo show

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Millan Gallery presents Rodrigo Andrade‘s newest solo exhibition entitled “Pinturas de onda, mato e ruína” [“Paintings of waves, woods and ruins”], which comprises the two brand new series “A chegada do tsunami e outras pinturas” [“The tsunami arrival and other paintings”] and “Bicromias” [“Duotone”].

Large-scale works stand out in the first series, exploring the materialness of painting in the representation of the monumental strength of certain natural phenomena: the work “A onda do tsunami” [“Tsunami wave”] projects the wave outwards the screen, while “Chegada do tsunami” [“Tsunami arrival”] recreates a city taken over by water. The second series also evokes nature themes, in landscapes built with two colours and thick paint layers that mark Andrade’s oeuvre and comprises two large-scale paintings, like “Bosque azul” as well as a series of smaller ones.

The selected pieces point out the recent phase the artist is in, which began in 2009 when Rodrigo Andrade started using photographic documents as starting point. In this exhibition he is inspired by Daido Moriyama, Don McCullin and August Sander (as well as pictures taken by the artist himself and news programmes images) – building paintings that are heavy with paint like “a desire to insert reality in image, an hallucinatory need for making a landscape painting so concrete as the real thing”, as the artist describes in an interview carried out earlier this year. To do so, Andrade uses resources like games and illusion, in order to investigate feelings of fascination, hypnosis and immediate pleasure in the viewer. “The word illusion literally means ‘in game’ (inludere), an idea that fits my paintings very well”.

The exhibition also includes Rodrigo Andrade’s book launch, entitled “Resistência da matéria” [“Matter resistance”], published by Cobogó. The book reviews the artists’ production in the last five years: it includes five different series, two critical essays and an interview held in 2014.

“Pinturas de onda, mato e ruína”, solo show by Rodrigo Andrade
Opening: 7th October
On view through 8th November

Galeria Millan
Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1360
Visiting: Mondays to Fridays, from 10am to 7pm; Saturday from 11am to 5pm
T.: 55 11 30316007

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