Opening | “Studio Butterfly and other fables”, solo show by Virginia de Medeiros

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The Nara Roesler Gallery opens tonight the solo show “Studio Butterfly and other fables”, a compilation of recent works by Bahia artist Virginia de Medeiros.

Virginia de Medeiros’ oeuvre is composed of fables. It is made of stories created to discuss people and things that matter to her and move her. To this end, these stories approach reality differently than most other factual narratives: they embrace what is often left out or not given as much importance by other versions of the time and place she inhabits. These are stories that produce sensitive equivalents of reality, portraying it in a more absorptive, inclusive way, and challenging dominant representations. For this reason, the artist’s fables display a character unlike almost any other. Whereas fables routinely offer teachings that reinforce the ruling moral standards within their respective contexts, Virginia de Medeiros’ fables confront and ignore restrictions and interdictions, offering lines of flight instead.

The oldest of the three fables in this exhibition is entitled “Studio Butterfly”, the outcome of a lasting relationship between the artist and several transvestites in Salvador, near her city of birth where she lived during the crucial time in life where one’s ties with the world are established. The video features accounts from many of the transvestites, given during visits to a photographic studio set up by Virginia de Medeiros for them. Their statements are permeated with recollections of their choosing to tear down the boundaries between the masculine and its supposed opposite, affirming discordant ways of being in the world. In return for the footage and the transvestites’ permanent assignment of the copyrights to their personal photo albums, the artist gave each of them a photo portfolio – a coveted item for those whose bodies are the centerpiece of their labor. The video’s screening is surrounded by projections of sequences of photos from the albums and portfolios: images of the same people, but taken under conditions and at moments that differ in many aspects.

“Studio Butterfly and other fables”, solo exhibition by Virginia de Medeiros
Curated by Moacir dos Anjos
Opening: 23rd October, from 7pm to 9pm
On view through 29th November

Nara Roesler Gallery
Avenida Europa, 655 – Jardim Europa
T.: 55 11 30632344

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