Rafael RG holds solo exhibition curated by Marta Mestre

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Rafael RG holds the exhibition “Ps: Há alguma coisa que você espera de mim?” [“Is there something you expect from me?”] at Sé Galeria, his first in a commercial gallery space. Curated by Marta Mestre, the show comprises Rafael’s recent production as well as brand new works made specially for the space.

Rafael RG has unexecuted or unfinished projects as starting point, making the cycle that starts with an idea and ends with a work of art flexible. According to the curator, the artist “investigates the relevance and irrelevance of images as to their spaces and purposes”.
Photographs, installations and site-specific works are on view. The curator explains, “his work has a forcefulness that is poetic and politic all at once”.

“Ps: Há alguma coisa que você espera de mim?”, solo show by Rafael RG
Curated by Marta Mestre
On view from 4th September to 8th November

Sé Galeria
Rua Roberto Simonsen, 108 – Central São Paulo
Visiting: Thursdays and Fridays, noon to 7pm, Saturdays from noon to 5pm
Or via booking: segaleria@gmail.com

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