Washington Silvera presents everyday objects through new perspectives in solo show

(Curitiba, Brazil)

Washington Silvera is on view with the solo ehxibition “Inventário” [“Inventory”], at the Curitiba City Museum of Art (MuMA). The show gathers eight artworks made between 2012 and 2014 that reveal the artist’s two main poetic axis: reinventing artistic and everyday objects and investigating matters of representation in art.

Wooden screws. An extremely long chess board. A massive dice turned inside out. A useless table and chair set. The Curitiba artist Washington Silvera is ingenious in the art of “misusing” everyday objects, striping them off their traditional functions to attribute poetical meanings. “What separates something useful from something useless is poetry, this is the essence I am constantly after”, he tells.

Even though he is an object creator, Silvera does not call himself a sculptor. “I like thinking in concepts that have poetry in them, to then attack with matter. And since I make way through several approaches, I cannot consider myself a sculptor, but rather a plural artist”, he explains. His investigations, unlimited by medias, include performance, photography and video. “I enjoy showing something that can sustain itself without words and that is not easy”. The difficulties involve challenges like spending hours on end filming the ocean to carry the video “objeto moldura/mar” [“object frame/ocean”], whose frame surrounds a moving absent piece, floating over the waves.

“Inventário”, solo show by Washington Silvera
On view through 1st February 2015

MuMA Curitiba
Visiting: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 7pm
Av. República Argentina, 3430
T.: 55 41 33292801

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