Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

Illusionist installation by Marcius Galan on view in Paris

(Paris, France) A minimal and contextual approach producing work of great formal neutrality is at the heart of Marcius Galan’s practice. The artist creates a physical as well as mental unease with “Diagonal Section”, that hovers on the border of the usual systems of representation: what we see at first glance is never the true essence of the work. His architectural interventions and sculptures replace reality with its double and confront us with the representations that structure our relationship to space.

Opening | Situações Brasília 2014 Prize awards 25 artists

(Brasília, Brazil) The Federal District Contemporary Art Prize, Situações Brasília 2014, opens today an exhibition gathering 20 artists through an open announcement, among them Beto Shwafaty, Erica Ferrari, Marcelo Moscheta, Mariana Manhães and Regina de Paula. Another five artists were invited to participate in the group show and had works donated to the National Museum of the Republic, where the exhibition is being held; they are Luiz Braga, Lucia Koch, Rodrigo Braga, Gê Orthof and Paulo Monteiro.

Opening | “Body Language”, group show with Antonia Dias Leite

(New York, US) “Body Language” is an exhibition that brings together 5 artists who consider this very process of constant iteration and reinterpretation in their work. Through diverse means, each artist explores human representation through the inconsistency and failure of language and gesture to express need, desire and intimacy. Antonia Dias Leite’s video installation “There” scrutinizes the carnal relationship between passion and violence—sex and death—as it relates to the drive towards the internal psychic dissolution of the self.

Group exhibition relates art and science in the human body

(Vitória, Brazil) With works by Carla Zaccagnini, Laercio Redondo and Leandro Lima, “Corpo Humano: da célula ao homem – Arte dos pequenos suspiros” [“Human Body: from cell to man – Art of small breaths”] is an innovative approach that offers a tour through the forces controlling the mysterious composition of life on Earth. It is a walk through interior and exterior worlds, filled with information on biology, chemistry, physics but also history, culture and art.

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