Daily Archives: November 13, 2014

On view | “Thresholds” – the Joaquim Paiva Collection at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Spaces at home, on the street, on the beach or in a shelter coexist with transitory places, with the informality of the public space and social coping. The space for intimacy and the new relationships created between the object and subject photographed characterize much of the contemporary photographic production. There are traces of subjectivity in the materiality of a photograph that becomes the sharing-ground of anguish, personal ruptures and self-assertion with particular relevance for everyday lives and personal narratives/fictions.

Film by Cinthia Marcelle screened at Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival

(Florence, Italy) Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival is an international cinema festival dedicated to exploring and promoting relations between contemporary art and cinema through the presentation of documentaries on contemporary art and artist’s films. In “O Século”, an apparent quietness is broken by someone out-of-frame throwing something into a street. The hurled object is soon followed by many others, which smash to pieces and accumulate, gradually filling the frame.

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