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Closing this weekend | PIPA 2014 Finalists Exhibition

After over two months on view, the PIPA 2014 Finalists Exhibition, held at MAM-Rio, comes to an end this Sunday, the 16th. Be sure to pay a visit to the finalists Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Thiago Martins de Melo and Wagner Malta Tavares and the winner Alice Miceli, if you have not seen the show yet. Read about what each artist has chose to present and watch a video of the exhibition set up here.

Schedule | From 15th to 21st November

In Belém, artists Dirnei Prates and Henrique César participate in the group exhibition “Arte Pará”, which occupies different venues across the city. José Bechara presents paintings in a solo show in Salvador, Northeastern Brazil, while Washington Silvera displays surrealist-inspired artworks in Curitiba through the exhibition “Inventário”. In Sorocaba, São Paulo state, various artists such as Afonso Tostes, Bárbara Wagner, Bruno Vilela, Caetano Dias, Cao Guimarães, Lenora de Barros, Malu Saddi and Raquel Stolf have brand new and recent works featured in the Triennial “Frestas”. In France, Marcius Galan presents “Diagonal Section”, an installation that invites viewers to experience space and time in an unusual way, while in Spain the concept of knowledge is challenged through artworks by Carla Zaccagnini and Runo Lagomarsino in the group show “Really Useful Knowledge”. Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

This week at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) On view at the Museum are shows “Thresholds”, with mainly photographic pieces from the Joaquim Paiva collection, and the new acquisitions from the Gilberto Chateaubriand collection, an opportunity for the public to perceive the exuberance and diversity, inherent to the main Brazilian art collector. The Cinematheque pays tribute to Brazilian filmmakers Júlio Bressane and Rogério Sganzerla and integrate the Design Rio Week with lectures and documentaries. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

On view | “40 Nego Bom é um Real”, installation by Jonathas de Andrade

(Maastricht, Netherlands) The installation is inspired by a street vendor promoting his banana sweets at the top of his voice. Like an anthropologist, the artist sketches a fictive sweet factory with forty workers. The work is divided into two parts. Colourful silk prints and paintings on board show people working in apparent harmony on the production of the sweet (literally ‘good black’ in Portuguese). The installation is part of the BACA (Bonnefanten Award for Contemporary Art) Project, which this year awarded Brazilian artist Laura Lima.

Last days | 2nd Montevideo Biennial, with Cao Guimarães, Marcelo Moscheta and Maurício Ianês

(Montevideo, Uruguay) Beyond the hemispheres, the Montevideo Biennial will disseminate great narratives that sometimes reduce and sometimes enlarge the temporal and spatial distances between the continents, and sometimes even make them converge. The title suggests that at every moment of history the present has always also been a projection into the future. Perhaps the past and the present are nothing more than an accumulation of imaginary “futures” which in the meantime are 500 years old and divided in two halves, for the history of Europe always had to be incorporated, indeed experienced, as well in South America.

Marcelo Cidade featured in group show about the nature-technology relationship

(San Francisco, US) Set against the background of the Anthropocene discourse and its extended cultural and social debates, “Landscape: the virtual, the actual, the possible?” focuses on landscape, nature and gardens by posing the question: What is the mirror effect between landscape and technology, and how does each inform how we understand and experience ourselves and others? It has two very distinct geographic and cultural environments as starting point — the utopian frontier of California, home to both Silicon Valley and a vast variety of natural wildernesses, and the Pearl River Delta region in China, primary producer of the world’s electronic products which faces massive urbanization and land struggles.

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané presents varied body of work in “Animal que no existeix”

(Alsace, France) The solo show is made up of relations between subjects (entities) and exchanges of perspectives which engage the viewer in visualizing the potential for transformation of the phenomena perceived. “Animal que no existeix” may (at times simultaneously) use drawing, collage, cut-outs, film, and installation, and develop organically to achieve the right level of abstraction allowing it to migrate from one piece to the other.

Next week | “Vapor”, new solo show by Berna Reale

(São Paulo, Brazil) Curated by Rudolf Schmitz, the exhibition “Vapor” presents five videos – three of them brand new and the other two never screened before in São Paulo – registering Berna’s performances in Belém (Pará), her hometown, as well as new photography series. With a strong political conotation, “Vapor” evidences the current phase Berna is in, dedicating her work to poetically make public violence situations, abuses of power and social conflicts.

Opening | “The colour of a fleeing mule”, new solo show by Fabio Baroli

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) It appears that Fabio Baroli’s painting is situated within a flux of cultural and everyday nuances – amongst the various colors attributed to a ‘fleeing mule’, but always based on an emotional connection to the people that surround him. The flight here is only in the title–the images pay homage to connecting with people and to the passage of time.

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