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Leticia Ramos wins Novo Banco Photo 2014 prize

(São Paulo, Brazil) In its tenth edition, the Novo Banco Photo prize (formerly BESphoto) awarded Leticia Ramos as great winner. The exhibition with artworks by the artist and the other two finalists, Délio Jasse and José Pedro Cortes is currently on view. A selection jury analysed the panorama of photographic production from Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries. After this stage, those selected were invited to create a commissioned work.

Last days | “Coração, seu tempo e a persistência da razão”, solo show by José Bechara

(Salvador, Brazil) Known for his experimental, diverse use of methods and materials, leading to new imagery, José Bechara is one of the 1990s Brazilian painting representatives. Having started mostly with painting, his trajectory has been developing a poetic language that spans sculpture and installation, as well as drawings and paintings, carrying out works in a direct dialogue to architecture.

On view | “Inventário”, solo show by Washington Silvera

(Curitiba, Brazil) Wooden screws. An extremely long chess board. A massive dice turned inside out. A useless table and chair set. Washington Silvera is ingenious in the art of “misusing” everyday objects, striping them off their traditional functions to attribute poetical meanings. “What separates something useful from something useless is poetry, this is the essence I am constantly after”, he tells. Even though he is an object creator, Silvera does not call himself a sculptor. “I like thinking in concepts that have poetry in them, to then attack with matter. And since I make way through several approaches, I cannot consider myself a sculptor, but rather a plural artist”, he explains.

Last days | “HA-gaz-AH”, new series by Gê Orthof

(Brasília, DF) For the show, six drawings, objects installed in acrylic boxes and small intervntions and elements were selected, bridging this new series with pre-existing works. The axis is the Installation Map. A board with mixed techniques – watercolour, drawing and collage – coordinates the beginning of the work. “This map’s creating is inherent to Gê’s oeuvre and serves as motivation that will permeate the whole exhibition”, says the curator.

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