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Schedule | 22nd to 28th November

Lais Myrrha, Milton Marques and Tatiana Blass participate in the 3M Digital Art Exhibition, under the theme “Love songs”. They created artworks specifically for the occasion. In Rio, “Virei Viral” displays artworks by Alexandre Mazza and Antonia Dias Leite that question the way we present ourselves online. Also in Rio, the group show “Pororoca” is closing this weekend. It presents works by North and Northeastern Brazilian artists such as Armando Queiroz, Berna Reale, Ivan Grilo, Luiz Braga and Rodrigo Braga. It is also the last weekend to see the artworks by Cao Guimarães, Marcelo Moscheta and Maurício Ianês at the Montevideo Biennial. Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

MAM-Rio | See the programme for this week

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) On view at the Museum are shows “Thresholds”, with mainly photographic pieces from the Joaquim Paiva collection, and the new acquisitions from the Gilberto Chateaubriand collection, an opportunity for the public to perceive the exuberance and diversity, inherent to the main Brazilian art collector. The Cinematheque pays tribute to Brazilian filmmakers Júlio Bressane and Rogério Sganzerla and integrate the Design Rio Week with lectures and documentaries. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities. See the events programmed for this week at MAM-Rio, including Cinematheque screening times for the Design Week in Rio and a tribute to Brazilian filmmakers Rogério Sganzerla and Júlio Bressane, Education-related activities and exhibitions opening this month.

Last days | “Salon Distingué – Household effects in good company” with Erika Verzutti

(Baden, Switzerland) Erika Verzutti displays her works for the group show whose theme is to demonstrate the inquiries about how furnishings become art and art furnishings in an upper-class residence, inspired by the museum space domestic character – an early 20th century villa. The distinction between work of art and household effect here is blurred, as one would ordinarily assume they are defined by function rather than by their visual appeal.

Matheus Rocha Pitta shows new project in group exhibition

(Madrid, Spain) Matadero Madrid holds since the 14th November the group show “Si no todas las armas, los cañones”, on view through 31st December. Featuring Matheus Rocha Pitta, the exhibition presents the investigative and creative works carried out through six weeks by nine artists, residence participants of the El Ranchito programme.

On view | “Desvelo y Traza”, installation by Sara Ramo

(Lleida, Spain) By organising abandoned objects,, Sara toys with the public’s mperception of the space and asks them to extract from their personal imaginary whatever images they feel like. So with this propose, it is the viewers themselves who build what they see or not. Subtly, shapes become visible among the shadows. Facing a reality in which we are used to the immediate, nonstop sequence of images, the artist invites the public to exercise their patience, waiting and discovering. This scopic pulse makes the public want to sort out what is there in the dim light and activate their imaginaries in order to find out.

On view | “The fifth floor”, solo exhibition by Laura Lima

(Maastricht, Netherlands) This exhibition, developed by Laura Lima creates an innovative dialogue with museum practice through a wide range or art pieces. “The fifth floor” brings the museum to life, as it includes a series of wheelchairs converted into five modernist design classics, a mirror held up but two anonymous hands and a tailorshop that makes clothes for wooden frames.


Leticia Ramos wins Novo Banco Photo Prize 2014

After a selection jury analysing the panorama of photographic production from Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries, the tenth edition of Novo Banco Photo Prize (formerly BESphoto) awarded artist Leticia Ramos as great winner. The selected artists were invited to create a new commissioned work, which are now on view in são Paulo. As well as the series “Nós sempre teremos Marte” [“We will always have Mars”], by Leticia, artworks by José Pedro Cortes and Délio Jasse, the other two finalists, complete the exhibition.

Last days | “Cenários” and “Transarquitetônica”, solo shows by Vânia Mignone and Henrique Oliveira

(São Paulo, Brazil) For the exhibition curator, Tadeu Chiarelli, “‘Transarquitetônica’ recovers the narrative dimension seen in some (few) of the artist’s past works and, in a proportion that aims epicness, reproposes a fusion between the most varied artistic medias”. For Vânia Mignone, painting is a prolongation of drawings, prints and collages, often combining all these medias. In her work, she emphasises the rawness and precariousness of the materials by working with MDF boards and setting up her compositions like pieces in a chessboard.

Last days | “Mostra carioca: A impureza como mito”, featuring Gustavo Speridião

(Fortaleza, Brazil) The city is obviously portrayed in this approach. Many of the images presented here explicit the space of Carioca sociability against the grain of the cliché of Rio as the “marvelous city”. They make us notice the “Broken City” of Zuenir Ventura, between hills and pavement, informal gestures and geometric structures, where dissension and amity complement each other and identities remain unbroken.

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