Daily Archives: November 29, 2014

“Reading Blue”, performance by Tove Storch at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The performance explores the materiality of the colour blue through a silent, meditative reading, without lyrics or words, just unique shades of blue. “Reading Blue” transforms the very act of reading, from a symbol decoding process into an abstract action of pure consciousness. Tove Storch sees her performances as a natural extension of her sculptural practice and defines the reading of color books as a kind of magnifying glass to see the qualities of color as material more clearly.

Last days | “Shangai em São Paulo in Shangai”, mostra individual de Carla Zaccagnini

(São Paulo, Brazil) In addition an the installation, a set of thirteen photographs by Carla, in the different “Xangai” streets of broad São Paulo, is also presented. As Teresa Riccardi says, in an article for the book “Carla Zaccagnini: the Madman sees what he sees”, Carla “acts, compares, describes and places the viewer in the field of narrative and device, offering an experience that enables ways of inhabiting time and memory, decolonising our look from commonness.

Last days | “The colour of a fleeing mule”, solo show by Fabio Baroli

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Just as Baroli brings together narratives in a single large-scale horizontal canvas, the color beige also has the effect of fragmenting the narratives into small areas. This is a tone that allows the irregular contrast with a panoramic landscape or the emergence of foregrounded figures throughout the ‘background’. Beige struck me then, as it still does, as being the “color of a mule on the run,” a Brazilian expression we chose for the title of this exhibition.

Last days | “Diários”, solo exhibition by Guillermo Kuitca

(São Paulo, Brazil) Fortes Vilaça presents an installation comprising 18 circular paintings from series “Diários”, started twenty years ago, but here the set consists of works made between 2005 and 2012. The artist stretches an unfinished canvas over a tabletop and keeps it there for months while carrying on with his everyday activities. Over this canvas, Kuitca makes notes, scribbles while speaking on the phone, paints studies and drafts.

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