Illusionist installation by Marcius Galan on view in Paris

(Paris, France)

Marcius Galan is on view at Palais de Tokyo his installation “Diagonal Section”. This illusionist work challenges the public to question their mental or physical perception of their surrounding space, by presenting them with a symbolical barrier, inviting visitors to go beyond the looking glass.

“Diagonal Section” is an apparently illusionist work by Marcius Galan that enables the visitor to pass “through the looking glass”, taking him on an initiatory journey. A work of great simplicity, this on-site installation features a symbolic obstacle – insurmountable in principle – that only the bravest – or the most reckless – will succeed in overcoming. The artist proposes here a play on the perception (physical or mental) of our surrounding space. The intent is to deceive our senses: the work seems to dematerialize under our very eyes.

A minimal and contextual approach producing work of great formal neutrality is at the heart of Marcius Galan’s practice. The artist creates a physical as well as mental unease with works that hover on the border of the usual systems of representation: what we see at first glance is never the true essence of the work. His architectural interventions and sculptures replace reality with its double and confront us with the representations that structure our relationship to space.

“Diagonal Section”, installation by Marcius Galan
On view through 11th January 2015

Palais de Tokyo
13, Avenue du Président Wilson,
75 116 Paris
Visiting: noon to midnight everyday but Tuesdays

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