Last days | “Camada Superficial”, exhibition with Lais Myrrha and Wagner Malta Tavares | Curated by Hector Zamora

(Sorocaba, Brazil)

The Grande Otelo Cultural Workshop through the 16th November, a great outdoors exhibition as result of the “Camada Superficial” Art Interference Project. By occupying a landmark with works by five visual artists, the project represents the effort of the workshop in expanding the exhibition spaces into contemporary art. With the current headquarters under construction, the exhibition’s objective is to keep the Cultural Workshop present in the city through an unusual proposal. Mexican artist Héctor Zamora is the project’s curator.

Visual artist Laís Myrrha, occupies one of the square lawns with the piece “A parte que te cabe” [“The part which is yours”]. In it, the artist uses stones to create a great temporary memorial, in which the locals could participate by inscribing their names in the artwork.

“Trapézio” [“Trapezius”], intervention by Wagner Malta Tavares, will occupy the centre of the Frei Baraúna Square next to the obelisk. In the exhibition opening, three silver flags were hoisted simultaneously to the sound of Christian Marclay’s score, a visual-musical American artist who explores connections between sound, noise, photography, video and cinema. The flags are kept wavering with air compressors installed at the basis of the obelisk.

Art Interference Project “Camada Superficial”, with Lais Myrrha and WMT
On view through 16th November
Free admission

Projeto de Interferências Artísticas “Camada Superficial”
Curated by Héctor Zamora
Venue: Praça Frei Baraúna

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