Next week | “Super Colina”, group show with Ana Mazzei and Fabio Zimbres

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Artists Ana Mazzei and Fabio Zimbres participate in the group show “Super Colina” [“Super Hill”], at LOGO Gallery.

About the exhibition (words by the curator, Carlos Issa):
“Super Colina” is the location-apparatus, condenser of atemporal vapors, where it is possible to surpass the socio-economic obscurity of our time and surround the future, to then reprogram it. With no trepidation regarding the abstraction that busies itself with the the old days that are still to come, these are condemned as of now to the eternal return of the reifying narrative, with thoughts and actions geared to everything running smoothly. The group exhibition summons 25 artists, musicians, designers, photographers and filmmakers to design the future, reprogram the future, represent the future and communicate through perennial channels with those who are still not in a society which has yet to establish itself.

“Super Colina”, group show with Ana Mazzei and Fabio Zimbres
Curated by Carlos Issa
Opening: 2nd December, at 7pm
On view through 21st February 2015

LOGO Gallery
Rua Artur Azevedo, 401
T.: 5511 30620865 / +5511 30622381

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