Next week | “Tempo e deslocamento”, exhibition by Fernanda Figueiredo & Eduardo Mattos

(Blumenau, Brazil)

The Blumenau Arts Museum opens on Thursday 4th December at 7pm the show “Tempo e deslocamento” [“Time and displacement”] by artist duo Fernanda Figueiredo and Eduardo Mattos. The exhibition gathers 11 photographs and 71 pencil drawings on paper, organised as six artworks which occupy the Special Room.

“Tempo e deslocamento” comprises works that have photography and drawing to create real and fictional spaces permeated by a critic thinking in regards to man and our relationship with nature. The photographs are documental and the drawings, inspite being realist, propose other meanings to the space depicted building an ideological concept. The six artworks integrating the exhibition were developed over a residency the artists took in Ireland 2013 (Fire Stastion Artists’ Studios, Dublin) and were inspired by these powerful nature environment in contrast to a urban horizon of cities Dublin and Belfast, its great harbours and industrial factories. Inspite of being created in Ireland, the artworks expose a set of ideas that trespass territorial borders given their narratives which approach themes of collective relevance: the manipulation of the natural world by man, the way man uses it and at the same time, his helplessness when faced with nature, restating the exchangeable hierarchies between man and nature, nature and man.

“Tempo e deslocamento”, exhibition by Fernanda Figueiredo and Eduardo Mattos
Opening: 4th December, at 7pm
On view through 13th February 2015

MAB – Blumenau Arts Museum (Special Room)
Rua XV de Novembro, 161 – Centro
89010-001 / Blumenau – SC
T.: 55 47 33816176
Visiting: Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10am to 4pm
Free admission

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