On view | 3M Digital Art Exhibition featuring works by Lais Myrrha, Milton Marques and Tatiana Blass

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Lais Myrrha, Milton Marques and Tatiana Blass participate in the fifth edition of 3M Digital Art Exhibition, which will occupy the Instituto Tomie Ohtake through 30th November. This edition’s theme, “Love Songs”, discusses the broadest meaning of love: an empathetic projection towards others.

Concept: What are love songs made of?
Why do we make and share transcripts of desire for others in musical language? Maybe they are like messages in bottles, cast into the ocean of culture to be chosen by other people when they need to live with their own anxieties. If such is the case, how do new technologies influence and reshape the pulse leading us to create and listen to these songs? In other words, what happens with our need for affection as communication possibilities and social identities change? These questions, among others, are addressed by the exhibition. We understand love in its widest meaning, as an empathetic projection towards others. We therefore propose a group show with artworks in order to reflect about how different technical-social models transformed the channels through which this empathy echoes, and how they continue to do so.

The first section presents artistic devices that seek to comprehend who the visitors are; absorb a bit of their identities and desires to become more intimate. Then, the show divides itself in three moments. In the first there are artworks that could not have been done 15 years ago, before Facebook, YouTube, Blogger or even Orkut. They are gestures born in the online environment and stem from the data sharing dynamics and self-exposure through social networks.

Then there are recent pieces focused on vintage technologies, from the 1960s through the 1990s: the era of popular portable devices (from Super-8 film to Hi-8 tapes, way before internet); the works remind us of how much each resource seemed to include a repertoire of poses and scenes, typical of equipments used by middle class families – their main consumers.

Finally, the artworks shown place us among symbolic, cultural industry narratives; Hollywood cinema, popular Brazilian music and tv news programmes. They are until today the most widespread kind of media in charge of building collective imaginaries. Their products do not come from DIYs, but are related to idols that intend on speaking for millions of people. We reencounter these identity deposits in the artworks as ghostly spectrums of our memories. Unusual images emphasising blind spots, silence and lack of communication that these products hide so well.

Disguised in this course, are also purely electronic, digital and analog gadgets. They remind us that even in a social environment structured by the most sophisticated technological systems, not always will works of art reflect them. They may focus on what is left of yesteryears memories; make efforts to delay old devices obsolescence; experimenting with urgent desires and also nostalgia.

In its whole, the exhibition gathers different ways of being together with someone. We may regard them as unfoldings, condensations, collateral effects, parodies and tributes to long songs, made possible through variations in the process of transforming social communications, cultural production and audiovisual register. Although the pieces show are not all examples of digital art per se, they allow us to consider the relations between affection, languages and medias.

For the show, Lais Myrrha created the radio station “Eu não existo sem você” [“I don’t exist without you”]. Visitors are welcome to send their stories to be broadcast daily.

Milton Marques presents four of his apparatus, subtly linked to the theme of love.

Tatiana Blass developed a painting in a 3 three metres canvas for the exhibition.

3M Digital Art Exhibition – “Love Songs”, with artworks by Lais Myrrha, Milton Marques and Tatiana Blass
On view through 30th November
Visiting: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 8pm
Free admission

Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Avenida Faria Lima, 201 (entrance through Rua Coropés) – Pinheiros
T.: 55 11 22451900

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