On view | Parallel solo shows by Ana Mazzei, Bárbara Wagner and Henrique César

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The São Paulo Cultural Centre holds the 3rd Exhibitions Programme Show, with three parallel solo shows by the selected artists Ana Mazzei, Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, Henrique César and Vitor Mizael.

The CCSP Exhibitions Programme is one of the most successful ones in São Paulo’s art circuit. For over 20 years it promotes the inclusion of upcoming artists alongside already renowned ones, through an announcement published yearly and selected by a judging commission. The aim is to publicize the general thoughts being developed in visual arts nowadays. Some of the most relevant artists today have held an exhibition at CCSP, in the Brazilian and international art scenes, whose trajectories make up a wide panorama of Brazilian contemporary art.

The programme favours the debate on contemporary art by proposing a mapping of recent production, meaning to make space for artists in the beginning of their careers, thus establishing their presence in the visual arts circuit and enabling public access to works that repreent the artistic scene. The programme structure was updated and this year, in its 24th edition, as well as individual exhibitions it includes another two cateogories: curatorial proposal and artistic residencies.

3rd Exhibitions Programme Show, with Ana Mazzei, Bárbara Wagner and Henrique César
On view through 22nd February 2015

Centro Cultural São Paulo
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