On view | “White Leaf”, exhibition by Otavio Schipper and Tove Storch

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Anita Schwartz Gallery holds the exhibition “White Leaf”, juxtaposing new works by Brazilian artist Otavio Schipper e and Danish Tove Storch.

Investigating a phenomenon terrain in which everyday reality affects consciousness and our experiencing of time and space, Schipper and Storch explore, individually, the poetics of vision and its relationship to absence, history and memory. “In the exhibition I want to emphasise and play with two common points: poetics and perception mechanisms. Classic burt representative themes, in Tove’s and Otavio’s work” says curator Aukje Lepoutre Ravn.

In the ground floor a brand new installation is presented, made by the two artists together and thought specifically for the gallery space. The installation comprises a work by Tove, a kind of library with silk shelves. In this library’s empty spaces are works by Schipper, also made exclusively for this exhibition. The artworks are part of a recent series “Optical memory”, and consist of objects like glasses and old photographs. “These works explore our relationship with the collective and cultural memory of objects”, says Schipper. “The library is a place of historical knowledge which you can access through reading, by concentrating. This is the same feeling viewers will have here, but in an abstract way”, explains the curator.

Otavio Schipper met Aukje and Tove during an artistic residency in New York last year at Residency Unlimited, and invited them to develop a cooperative work to be presented for the first time here. In the gallery second floor, the Rio-based artist presents a series of works that belong to series “Optical memory”, like installation “Speed of light”.

“White Leaf”, exhibition by Otavio Schipper and Tove Storch
On view through January 2015

Galeria Anita Schwartz
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