Opening | “Body Language”, group show with Antonia Dias Leite

(New York, US)

Residency Unlimited opens on the 12th the group show “Body Language”, with new work by Antonia Dias Leite, Alex Verhaest, Noilin O’Kelly, Katya Grokhovsky and Maayan Sheleff.

One picture is worth a thousand words. This asymmetrical adage— one picture is worth one thousand words — is premised on the logic that words and pictures are somehow exchangeable entities with discrete values. Both signal the way things are in the world. That is certainly one way of looking at the relationship between pictures and languages that is still commonly employed in the marketing world where this phrase was undoubtedly coined.

There is another less positivistic, more heterogeneous way of considering the relationship between words and pictures that places human subjectivity at its core. This view recognizes reality as a sequence of unstable images that must be constantly interpreted and reiterated into words with flawed, imperfect humans as its translators. Each misinterpretation and failed translation creates a new series of meanings that is endlessly generative in its possibilities as well as its frustrations.

“Body Language” is an exhibition that brings together 5 artists who consider this very process of constant iteration and reinterpretation in their work. Through diverse means, each artist explores human representation through the inconsistency and failure of language and gesture to express need, desire and intimacy. Humans are perceived as players within a matrix of pre-existing languages and forms who struggle to come to terms with emotion and desire.

Bodies entwine and act upon each other with increasingly unregulated cannibalistic desire in Antonia Dias Leite’s video installation “There”. Dias Leite’s unflinching, claustrophobic look into human sexuality scrutinizes the carnal relationship between passion and violence—sex and death—as it relates to the drive towards the internal psychic dissolution of the self. The installation itself exists on the border between representation and abstraction as the bodies both mirror each other and become unbound and formless over time.

“Body Language”, group show featuring new work by Antonia Dias Leite
Opening: 12th November, from 6-8pm
Exhibition: 13-14th November, from 12-6pm; 15th November 2-6pm
Performance by Katya Grokhovsky: 15th November at 4pm
Interview with Frankie the documentarian robot: 15th November from 3-6pm

Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street (enter church building through main entrance )
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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